Hello World completed!

Ok, after some delays caused by an Urbanathlon, a Marketing Presentation, Career Builder Hackaton, Halloween, and work, I finally got back to this project.

Here is the XCode (App programming language and environment) tutorial link again.

Tutorial was pretty easy to follow if you have a basic understanding of coding (code within {}, import libraries, actions, etc). Going through the tutorial it reminded me of Eclipse environment, a few hints of Adobe Flash (stuff like scene transitions to use in the future), and JavaScript. If you have used Delphi before it’s pretty much the same thing.

However if you never coded before, Apple made it very easy to start. You might not understand what you are doing, but you will be able to do simple stuff like “add a button, change text”. As you walk through the tutorial, don’t feel dishearted if you cant find what they are saying – take your time, it is there. I am not crazy about the way Xcode environment is designed, where you need to have the correct thing selected in order to view the correct options… but I guess it is the best solution to save space.

Here are a few comments I scribbled down while going through the tutorial:

  • Change color wasn’t working but this solved “Make sure the Scheme pop-up menu in the Xcode toolbar still displays HelloWorld > iPhone 5.0 Simulator” – I was in the iPad view!
  • ctrl+drag rules
  • best practices – app data shouldn’t be stored in user interface elements such as the text field of the HelloWorld app. Therefore, create a temp string variable to work with it.
  • follow up: understand “delegate”, when you crtl+drag text field to view controller
  • follow up: why use the “@” character?

Ok that was easy, next up will continue following the tutorial. And from now one there will be an image per post to make it more visually appealing! :-D

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